Data Entry Job

KB Data Entry Job
This is very simple and easy Data Entry Job and it is 24-hour fast server, so you can work round the clock. You just have to type the captcha codes online on KB Software. You can do this job if:
·                     You have computer & high speed internet.
·                     You have good typing speed.
·                     You have some free time and want to earn seriously.


Salary Rates of KB Data Entry varry from 25 Rupee per 1000 codes to 70 Rupee per 1000 codes. Rate depend upon your accuracy, your speed and your production. Inspite of these salary rates, you will be awarded following bonuses on achieving the specified targets which will automatically increase your earnings.

The beginner +0% 0                                                Younger Sticker +2% 100

The senior Sticker +5% 1000                                 Silver hammer + 8% 5000

Gold hammer +10% 10000                                      the smith +15% 18000

The gold smith +20% 30000                                    Kuvaldo +25% 50000

Gold kuvaldometr +30% 80000                               The younger borer +35% 120000

The senior borer +50% 170000                               Deformator +120% 250000

Note: A minimum bonus will be applicable for 30 days:


For International Users: 
·                     Alertpay
·                     Paypal
·                     Webmoney etc
For Pakistani Users:
·                     Easypaisa
·                     Money Order
·                     Bank Transfer
·                     Easyload etc.
Note: Money Exchange Rates will apply on all transactions. 
Note: The cost of Software is only one time fee for whole life. We shall give you new version of software if applicable free of cost. 

If you feel any difficulty or question, then feel free to contact us.

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