Thursday, November 3, 2011

10 Facts You Dont Know About Green Tea - Common Misconceptions

Green is known to be a healthy drink and is popular for a number of benefits it provides. Many people believe Green tea helps in weight loss and helps in Good health however the fact is slightly different. A cup of green tea keeps you fit and happy. However, most of us do not know much about it and have some misconceptions. Below are ten facts about Green tea that will blow your mind.

1- Green tea can help in weight loss

This is true that green tea helps your digestive work in a better way and thus help you reduce weight but then people think only green tea can offer such results. Researches have proved that black tea can also produce the same results like green tea when it comes to weight loss.

2- Green Tea makes you healthy

Green tea is known to keep you fit, but remember that only green tea cannot keep you going. It makes your metabolism fast but cannot help you with other health issues.

3- Green Tea is decaffeinated

People who are addicted to coffee are considering green tea as a healthy alternative. However, green tea may not contain caffeine in the same amounts but does carry it. The amount of caffeine depends upon the time span the tea leaves are dried for and the amount of tea used. So, drinking green tea can also lead to insomnia.

4- Black tea contains more caffeine than Green Tea

People usually believe that an excessive usage of black tea is bad but the same rule does not apply for green tea. However, it should be clear that the caffeine in the tea does not depend upon its color but instead the time span it is dried for. Different varieties of green tea are also known to carry varying amount of caffeine.

5- Caffeinated Green Tea enhances energy levels

Green tea contains a little amount of caffeine and a content called L-theanine that helps you relax and reduces hyper-tension. However, the substance can only reduces your stress and will not have a nauseating or dizzy effect.

6- Green Tea and Black Tea are grown differently

People believe that green and black tea are grown separately and come from different varieties of plant. However, this is just a myth like olives. The color of the tea depends upon the time after which it is plucked and then processed later on.

7- Pregnant women should avoid drinking green tea

This is not true at all. It is safe for in expectant mothers to intake green tea. However, since it contains caffeine one should keep a check on the amount of tea they drink each day. If taken in limited amounts, green tea helps in prevention of cell damage. One should always consult their doctors before drinking it.

8- One can eliminate caffeine in green tea

Some people believe that one can eliminate even the slightest presence of caffeine in their tea by brewing and washing it in hot water. However, that is not true. Brewing only reduces the amount of caffeine by a considerable amount but does not remove it completely. One should keep in mind that intake of a little caffeine does not lead to insomnia but on the other hand is beneficial.

9- Green Tea prevents Various Types of Cancer

Such believes are absolutely baseless. Studies on the same have also failed to conclude it. People think that green tea contains ingredients that kill cancer cells and prevent their growth.

10- Green Tea is an Asian Tea

Green tea is generally associated with Asian countries like China and Japan. The tea had its origin in China but then other countries also worked and developed new varieties of green tea. In fact, many brands have added other flavors to the tea and are presenting new tastes to the tea lovers. Organic tea is also becoming popular.

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