Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How To Delete GOOGLE+ Account Forever

How To Delete GOOGLE+ Account Forever
Google has been long trying to make a mark in Social networking.After the miserable fate of Google Buzz and Google wave they launched Google+.It was launched with a lot of fanfare and hype.It was also thumbed up by critics and experts for its easy privacy settings and other great features like Circles,hangouts,Google+ Games etc.
It would be too early to completely predict the future of Google+ but from the current trend it seems that it can’t beat facebook or come any near to it.The only people active on Google+ are technology geeks or those who hate facebook too much.Earlier it required an invitation to join Google+ but now it is open for all.
If you no longer use Google+ and want to delete your profile you should follow this tutorial.This won’t affect your other Google services like Gmail,Blogger,Picasa etc.

How To Delete GOOGLE+ Account Forever:-

  • Login to your Gmail Account.
  • Click on your Google Profile and select Account Setting from it.
  • Now click on Account Overview from left window pane and in the right window look for the Services section.
  • Select Delete profile and social features link if you want to delete only some Social features like Google+ and select Delete account if you want to permanently delete all Google services associated with that account.
  • Now select Delete Google+ Content if you are choosing Delete profile and social features from the last step and then on the Remove Selected Services.
Please be careful while deleting your account because once it deleted will not berecover back.

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