Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top 10 Most Common Issues with Teens and Youngsters

Some time man fails to realize the gravity of issues facing teens as they age. Some people have a hint but some don’t while some just assume the whole puberty process. “Puberty is a right” I guess you did not get that I can emphasize if you don’t mind. It’s your right to age. Ask me why and I will explain. How many people have not had been in the teen stage? No one I guess everyone in his life passed through it. We must understand this people very much. As long as most seem to do stupid things they are part of us and we were also there at one time so we must understand what this people need and give them guidance accordingly. There are some top 10 things in the life of a teen that we must understand.

Top 10 Most Common Issues with Teens and Youngsters

1- One of these issues is falling puberty. All teens must undergo this stage in their life. They are able to learn and develop from this stage. Its one sensitive stage in their life but it must be taken good care of. It leads to making stupid decisions about someone if not well handled.

2- A teen is prone to many diseases in his body. This is because he is not careful of himself and takes things too lightly. The physical changes that occur in their bodies need to be well managed. Obesity is one of the things a teen does not control well and it ends up bringing into his system a thousand other diseases.

3- Some teens also begin to realize themselves better. They are not wrong. Some parents may think that these kids are not doing the correct thing. Some kid my grow allergy to some foods, some cannot take a lot of other types of foods. That is normal and parents or guardian should respect it and do as they like without being too soft or too hard on them.

4- Inability to sustain critics is also an issue among the teens that bothers them a lot most teens are unable to take jokes as they are. They cannot endure being criticized for any matter. This leads these kids to being very rude to other, fighting and lack of proper understanding.

5- Comparing the perception of others with the perception of self. This is also another issue in teen that is dangerous. Most ten end up being mislead by others due to lack of proper direction and taking others advices as the right advice for them. It is always recommended to teens that they should not take what others of the same age say or do seriously. This ends them in much trouble because no one is guiding the other right.

6- Many teens are not at peace with themselves this is due to much academic pressure on them and other things they always want to perform beyond what they can do at the moment.

7- Some have unrealistic targets I life they fantasize on many life issues that they can do more than they are doing. Some even think of unnatural powers that will help them.

8- Giving up in life is also seen in teens when they are at this stage. Some teens cannot withstand the pressure of life and the many things life is made up of. School work become stress and they decide to stop schooling because it is much for them to endure.

9- Peer pressure at this stage is very much for the teens to persevere. Most teens end up doing the wrong things in life. As that hit them they also lose focus of their spiritual beliefs. Spiritual beliefs are important to teens but most of them do not know or are confused at this stage.

10- Finally the urge to explore is very much at this time. The teens want to explore what the world has not offered them a chance or rather permission to do. As long as we must understand these issues proper guidance is necessary.

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