Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Why People Update Their Facebook Status

Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking sites. With over 600 million users the website offers a platform to the users to create their profiles and connect with their friends from all over the world. They could chat with them. With increasing competition in the market, Facebook is adding new features like group chats and video chats to keep the interest of the users going. They can update their own status or post something on someone else’s wall. Let us look at the top ten reasons as to why they update their status.

10- New Movie Release

Since Facebook has such an intensive network, people like to share their views with their friends that get posted on their friends’ walls and further on. So, whenever there is a new movie, people update their status discussing their opinion about the same including if they liked it or not.

9- New album Release

Whenever a new song or album hits the market, it immediately becomes their status. It could be because they like it very much or on a second thought they would like to tell people that they keep themselves updated with all the new releases.

8- Event Notification

If you are hosting a party at your place or want to invite people for some other events you do not need to write invitations or call them. Just post it as your status on your wall and invite them. You can ask them to reply there itself. You can also create an event and post it on your wall.

7- Losing a Valuable

If you went to party last night or had one at your place and later you realize that you misplaced something or in other situation someone else forgot something precious. Gone are the days, when you need to pick up your phone book and dial every name that was present on the guest list. Just post it on your walls and you will surely receive a reply in no time.

6- Political Issues

Whenever there is a political issue out there in the society, Facebook is flooded with status updates. People start reasoning with each other on why they support or do not support that particular issue.

5- Special day

Whenever there is a special day like new years, or friendship day or republic day, everybody updates their status on their walls wishing and greeting each other. Some even update the history or significance of the day.

4- Games

Facebook has a plethora of games uploaded that are there to entertain the users. However, what bugs them is to advance in the game they need help of their friends. They send their requests over but when those do not get accepted, they update their status requesting them and telling them about their needs.

3- Whereabouts

Many people update their status to tell their friends about their whereabouts like if they are on a holiday or going out of town for a business meeting or conference, visiting their relatives, cousins etc. When they are on holiday they describe the place they visit along with their activities.

2- Getting Bored

This might seem or sound bizarre but many people update their status without any rhyme or reason. They do it just to kill time. They write small things or funny things to catch people’s attention and start a conversation.

1- Exciting Happenings

Facebook users update their status when something really good happens with them. It can be something like receiving their appointment letter to their new jobs or clearing their exams. It can be to share your happiness or another way to seek attention.

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