Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cellular operator,franchise fraud case: DG FIA orders reinvestigation

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) ordered reinvestigation of the fraud allegedly committed by a franchise of a cellular operator in which losses worth Rs 47.75 million “easy loads” were caused to the cellular operator. The FIA Director General Syed Tahsin Anwar Ali examined the report which was prepared by the National Response Center for Cyber Crime; he gave the orders to FIA’s Punjab division to completely re-investigate the fraud case within one month duration after showing dissatisfaction over the first investigation. He said in his comments that the prior investigation and prosecution were friendly due to which 6 out of 10 alleged accused were released. Now the quality of prior examination will also be examined in the reinvestigation.
A telecommunication company had complained that misuse of its electronic voucher center (EVC) system was done in order to produce unauthorized transactions or ‘Easy Load’ worth millions of rupees. The customers recharge their accounts through company’s franchises, and the accused persons had used the administrative login of company to produce unauthorized SIMs and transactions. The earlier investigations had revealed that the multiple parties were involved in this case from franchises to distributors to the employees of telecom companies.
The last investigation had showed that the accused distributor Muhammad Ramazan had not used the company’s administrative login for the unauthorized use of company’s EVC system. And the problems had occurred due to mismanagement in company’s record. That report is yet to be submitted in court, but the DG FIA has already ordered a reinvestigation into the fraud which will also show how much neutral and transparent were the previous investigations.

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