Thursday, December 22, 2011

Free lunch offer on Canon photography workshop on Dec 25

(UPDATE) Earlier it was advertised that Canon would provide free lunch to the participants of Canon Reunion Workshop.  We have just received clarification from the Canon’s photography instructor that he (in his personal capapcity) has invited the participants of the first Canon Photography Workshops to join the Reunion, a photography event, on 25th December, 2011.The event is being arranged because the first anniversary of Canon Photography Workshop could not be celebrated on 15th October this year. Besides, everybody can join this workshop provided that he brings a camera of any brand and pays a nominal fee of Rs 150 before entry.CONTRARY TO OUR NEWS TITLE, THERE WILL BE NO LUNCH FROM THE ORGANIZER.
The attendants of event will be divided into two categories, On-Campus Workshop participants and Off-Campus Workshop participants. The On-Campus Workshop participants will be from LUMS, Kinnaird College and FC College whereas the Off-Campus Workshop participants will be from Batch 1 to Batch 9.
Reunion will be a great event on 25th December because there will be a blend of 2 street PhotoWalks in it. One PhotoWalk will be held in Shalamar Bagh Lahore; this will be the first of two and every Reunion participant must join it at 11am. The second PhotoWalk will be arranged at Laxmi Chowk at 1.30pm. The important thing about Reunion is that there will be no lectures and no photographic exhibitions; instead it will only be a get-together event in which lots of street photography will give you tons of fun. After the end of two PhotoWalks, the participants will go to Lahore Polo Club to see a final match.
Since the aim behind arranging the Reunion is to give you happy memories, the participants are not bound to bring the Canon cameras, so you can bring camera of any brand. The event will continue from 11am to 4:30 pm. Registration is necessary for all participants and if you want to register then see the Facebook page of Canon.
Below is the poster that was advertised earlier
canon workshop

Canon photography workshop, lahoreCanon will arrange a photography workshop ‘Reunion’ on 25th December 2011 at the Shalamar Bagh, Laxmi Chowk and Lahore Polo Club. The participants will be divided into Off Campus Workshops participants and On Campus Workshops participants. Off Campus participants will be from Batch 1 to Batch 9 whereas the On Campus Participants will come from the LUMS, FC College & Kinnaird College. This workshop is different in this way that there will be no lectures and no photographic exhibition; instead it will be just a get together workshop with lots of photography and fun happen.
The workshop organizers have introduced a special offer for the first 100 registrants, they have announced to provide free lunch facility during the exhibition to the first 100 registrants. Up to now 43 registrations have already happened, so only 57 seats remain. If you are a photography lover and are not with in the criteria set by Canon for the ‘Reunion’ Photography Workshop then still you can participate provided that you are ready to pay Rs 150 before entering the event.

The workshop will continue from 11am to 4:30 pm, and if you are willing to attend the workshop then visit thefacebook page. This is the second photography workshop in Lahore from Canon. The earlier one was named as Lahore Photowalk.

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