Thursday, December 22, 2011

PTCL relaunched Vfone Azadi offer, free balance for customers

The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has renewed the Vfone Azadi offer in which customers get a balance equal to the Vfone set price on the purchase of a PTCL Vfone set from PTCL. This offer was initially started as a part of celebration of Pakistan’s 63rd independence day on 14th August 2011.
So now all the customers to buy Vfone’s 1900 MHz telephone sets will get a blance of Rs 3,600 and this balacne will be valid up to 30 days after their purchase. Similarly, on purchasing the 450 MHz Vfone set, they will get a free balance of Rs 4000 which can be used on all V-V, V-PSTN Local and V-PSTN Nationwide calls. Besides, the balance can also be used for the on-net and off-net SMS and for the internet connectivity.
It should also be noted that the PTCL Vfone is offering a variety of post-paid and pre-paid packages in order to let you make unlimited free calls all over the country. Addtionally, you get the SMS facility, which is not provided on the fixed line numbers, and the access to high-speed internet, which is backed by the CDMA 1x technology. The both SMS and high-speed internet facilities are provided at nomial charges.
PTCL’s SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed has said that the Vfone Azadi offer’s re-launch indicates that this is a customer-oriented organization. Whereas Omar Khalid, PTCL’s Executive Vice President Wireless Business, said that the PTCL would continue to offer the best packages to its valued customers, besides he said that the re-launch of Vfone Azadi offer will boost the customers’ confidence in PTCL

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