Saturday, December 24, 2011

UNESCO and Nokia Pakistan launched Mobile Learning Project

 UNESCO and Nokia Pakistan have collaborated in the “Mobile Learning Project for Teacher’s Professional Development”. The project was launched in the presence of several government officials; besides, representatives of Nokia and UNESCO were also present at the launch ceremony.
According to details provided by inndevcom, Nokia will provide its mobile phones and ‘Nokia Education Delivery’ application (or NED named app) to collaborate with UNESCO in the project ‘Use of ICT for Professional Development of Public School Teachers’. A non-profit foundation AGAHI will mediate the efforts of both Nokia Pakistan and UNESCO in the implementation of the project in the remote areas of country.
NED app was launched this year, in 2011, and it has brought significant improvements in the livelihoods of many. This mobile learning innovation will do the same in Pakistan by providing access to a constantly updated education library with lots and lots of downloadable videos and educational materials. This app has already showed great results in Colombia, Chile, Tanzania and Philippines. Now it will bring positive changes in Pakistan.
Nokia and UNESCO at the international level had signed an agreement last year for promoting the use of mobile technologies in their ‘Education for All’ objectives. The NED app was designed therefore and it has provided access to information at the global level.

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