Sunday, January 8, 2012

Download The First Urdu Quran Search Engine

This is First Urdu Qur'an Search Engine designed by Zahid Hussain from Pakistan. He worked hard on his this project for 4 years in making of World's first Qur'an Search Engine application. The best thing about this application is, you can search any word in Roman Urdu, Urdu, Arabic and English which makes this search engine more beneficial. Another lovely thing about Zahid Hussain is, he is not charging a single rupee for this great software.

Features of Qur'an Search Engine
You can search a Ayaats relating to a particular word or subject by entering the query.
  • You can search in Four Languages i.e. Urdu, Roman Urdu, English and Arabic
  • You will get the Ayaat number and Sura'h number of the query.
  • You can also read Entire Quran Pak using this application
  • You can Download This software from Here

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