Sunday, January 8, 2012

Download Multiple YouTube Videos in 1 Click - (as Mp4 or FLV)

There are so many applications which allow you to download YouTube videos however its not easy to download multiple YouTube videos (such as downloading all videos in a playlist) using those applications because this is surely take a lots of time. If you ever think about a software which can help you to download multiple videos in a click then Your wish has come true. There is an application (extension for Firefox) which allows you to download multiple YouTube videos in 1 click.

How to Download Bulk Videos on YouTube ?

  • Click on "Allow" and Install the Extension.

  •  Once you have installed the extension, Restart your Mozilla Firefox.
  • Now, Open YouTube.com and search for your favorite music playlists or a some tutorials which you want to download. You can also make your own playlist and add videos in it.
  • Right click on the page and select "BYtubeD" option

  •  Now select videos which you want to download (press CTRL key and click on the title)
  • Click on "Start" and your browser will start downloading videos :)

There may be more applications who do the same job, i tried many of them; but find this one the best. If you knew a better application, please share :)

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