Saturday, January 7, 2012

What is Your Actual AdSense Earning and How Much Google Pays You

Ever imagined how much Google pays to AdSense publishers and what ratio Google keeps as service charges or as broker ? Well, Google always kept this as secret and did not mentioned the percentage of Publisher and Google share of revenue. However, Google has broken the ice and has mentioned the percentage kept by Google itself and paid to Publishers. Finally, you know how much you earn and how much are you being paid.

How Much Google Pays to AdSense Publishers?
  • Google Pays 68% to Publishers in "AdSense for Contents" program and keeps 32% of your actual earning (example: if you earn $100, Google will pay you $68 only)
  • Google Pays 51% to Publishers in "AdSense for Search" program and keeps 49% of your actual earning (example: if you earn $100, Google will pay you $51 only)
  • Google has not disclosed the revenue ratio for "AdSense for Feeds"

To check manually, Login in your Google AdSense account, click on "My Account", scroll down the page and look the ratio mentioned under "Property Information" section.

Google will only mention the ratio of those products which you are using in your websites i.e. If you are not using "AdSense for Search", you wouldn't see revenue ratio for "AdSense for Search" under "Property Information" section.

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