Sunday, February 12, 2012

Amazing concept of HTC Autonome mobile

The Autonome is a mobile phone concept with a unique charging feature. The designer behind this idea Francois Rybarczyk actually gives the concept of HTC Autonome mobile phone. The Autonome is a Smartphone with an external battery inserted into the device so that you can directly plug-in the phone to the wall socket. This helps to get rid of unnecessary cables and at the same time will provide users with a backup source of battery if they forget to bring their chargers out with them.
The external battery is fitted into the back of the phone; you can detach it easily, charged it up and then hook it back to the phone to charge your device. It also features its own AC wall adapter with two pointed ends so you will be able to charge your device and theAmazing Concept Of HTC Autonome mobile external battery wherever you go from any available power outlet, without the need of cables.
This is the most interesting and easy way to charge your phone to use it freely. It is indeed an ideal for people who travel a lot. What do you think of this? Do you really want to grasp your phone while the external battery is charging? Share your views.

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