Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dragon shaped drive from Kingston

Kingston dragon shaped USB driveKingston has launched a dragon shaped memory drive in order to celebrate the New Year of Chinese Lunar Calendar. Dragon is the fifth sign of Chinese Zodiac which signifies luck. Besides it represent good fortune and is considered as a sign of intense power.  Chinese take the Dragon year as the year of luck.
Kingston has already build the memory drives in shapes of other Chinese Zodiac signs, so the Bunny Drive is an exciting edition to Kingston’s Data Traveler Chinese Zodiac USB drive lineup. Market resources are expecting that the new drive will create a craze in markets of APAC region, where this drive will be available in 2012. Those born in the Year of Dragon will take great interest in their Zodiac Sign like drive, as the drive has been built specially targeting them. According to Nathan Su, Kingston’s Flash Memory Sales Director of APAC region, the bunny shaped drive is a ‘collector’s item’ due to its delightful color scheme and appealing shape.
In dimension, the memory drive is (49.4x30x32.7) in size, but its weight and memory capacity is not confirmed yet. It will come with a 5 year warranty and will be compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X v.10.5.x+ and Linux v 2.6.x+ operating systems.

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