Tuesday, February 7, 2012

IBM’s survey about consumers and retailers

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an information technology (IT) company which recently did the largest survey of around 28,000 consumers. Through the survey it was noticed that the consumers are rather more interested in shopping of their personal use items and want to share their personal details to their preferred retailers such as percentage of their media usage, their demographic features like name, address, lifestyle and location that made the shopping much more easier for both the consumer and the retailer.
IBM's consumer surveyWhat the consumers want is more communication with their retailers so that they can educate them with their selected brand and received it in a suitable way through a proper source of medium. As per the increasing demand of consumer, retailers are actively responding to their need by using advancedtechnology so that the interaction with the consumer is purely on consumer’ss demand based on the location and lifestyle.
Further research suggested that in order to sale out the products retailers must meet the consumer’s requirement by providing their consumers clear reasons to shop and deliver product when and where they prefer. On the other hand, customers are giving a tough time to the retailers by sharing their experience online giving them a chance to have a control over the brands. Actually consumer is the one who actually has the power; retailers can improve the online shopping stores by establishing a strong and trusted relation with its consumer purely based on strong communication.

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