Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mardan boy creates SMS based Social Network, SmileSMS

This country is not of talent and resources and this is what we in the eyes of our young talented minds who have just started to come up with more innovative ideas every now and then. Earlier we read about Malala Yousafzai and Arfa Karim and now this 18 year old teenager, Shahzad Khan from Mardan is making us say Woww. This came to my knowledge just a moment ago when express tribune reported that a local boy has created a facebook like social network that runs on mobile phones through SMS, calledSMileSMS
Since it is SMS based,  therefore, it does not require any internet connection. Just like facebook, you can update your status, let your friends know about it who can also comment on that.
At the moment, the test network that Shahzad had created can accommodate 1 million users to share their information on it. But, with the help of government support and cooperation from cellular operators, this application can be enhanced to let more than 110 million subscribers of Pakistan to communicate through it.
Shahzad Khan from Mardan create SMS social network, SmileSMSIf provided enough support, this could really boost our local application development market.
Shahzad is a University of Peshawar graduate and runs a small setup for its application development. He has this hobby of creating different small programs since grade 6.
How SmileSMS Works
To Create an ID on sMiLe sms CHAT (space) ID
Eg: CHAT Faisal
To Add Someone as Friend sms ADD (space) ID
To Update Status sms STATUS (space) Msg
To Comment on Someone Status sms Status Code (space) Comments
Eg: c1 Hi its nice :)
Status Codes are somewhat like Cxxx
Just to Get someone Public Updates sms LISTEN (space) ID
To send Public Updates sms STATUSP (space) Message
Send All messages on 03318190484/3 (Which will be Free of Cost)

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