Friday, February 10, 2012

Mobilink hires Mvergence and Converge Technologies for social media

Social media is getting popular and powerful in Pakistan, the mushroom growth of blogs,  news sites and social networks has caused the information to flow freely among masses. Not only it has paved the way for common man to express himself easily but at the same time organizations across the globe are on their toes to maintain a balance between positive opinions and criticism.
Following the similar trend, Mobilink has finalized the selection of hiring two social media agencies,Mvergence and Converge Technologies to keep track of its presence in the online media.
During last 3 months, Mobilink has been interviewing dozens of digital agencies and finally it was able to finalize two names as reported by thenewstribe.
It is expected that Mobilink will focus more on the online medium in the coming months.

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