Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mobilink Torchbearers Volunteers Renovate Pehli Kiran School

Mobilink Torchbearers is a team of volunteers that actively participate in community welfare work and support relevant causes within the local community. It is the fundamental part of Mobilink Foundation. This time it participated in the renovation of JAQ Trust’s Pehli Kiran Schools in Islamabad. The main purpose was to provide a safe and child-friendly environment in the school and educates children from the katchi abadis surrounding Islamabad.
The team including the students, teachers and community members constructs a wall around the school to protect the children from extreme weather conditions. Besides renovating, the Torchbearers engaged themselves in playing cricket with the children involving some other fun activities like face-painting, drawing and singing. The Torchbearers also take full advantage of the time in teaching the students the importance and benefits of education and its influence in their lives.
Omar Manzur, Director PR and CSR at Moblilink highlighted that Mobilink Foundation and its Torchbearers are playing a vital role for the betterment of lives of children acrossPakistan. They are committed to play a part in providing children with their essential needs and suitable protection from cold winds and distractions. With the support and continuous efforts by the torchbearers, children are willing to learn with a passion and hope as they are the future of the nation.
Mobilink Torchbearers Volunteers Renovate Pehli Kiran School
Mobilink Torchbearers, students and teachers following renovation of the Pehli Kiran School, Islamabad

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