Friday, February 10, 2012

Pakistan IT Industry Survey to finanace by National ICT R&D Fund

The purpose behind the establishment of National ICT R&D Fund is to support research and development projects for industries and academics. This time they had planned to do a thorough survey based study of Pakistan Information Technology (IT) and of IT Enabled services (IETS) by collecting data from all operating companies of all sizes which includes essential economic signs, measure of business capacity, technical and human resources and also some basic information of the company.
The study is basically designed to raise an important issue of the IT and IETS industry that lacks accurate and conclusive data necessary for evaluating the performance of the industry and its constructive policies which are necessary in order to move the industry forward.
Pakistan IT and IETS industry is still under progress as there are large numbers of small and medium companies being established with large investments along with the working individuals who have the ability and necessary skills to enhance the potential growth of the company, however, the combined policies and efforts are still missing in order to run the industry to achieve its desired goal.
Currently, lots of innovative ideas are under consideration in the local IT industry as there are large number of companies which are still finding the right directions to identify their needs and requirements. So location of these problems is very important if Pakistan wants to stand up with the improvements in the future growth of the industry.
The survey does not only centralize the industry and the individuals working there, but will also locate the problems and issues the individuals facing there. The data concluded through this study will help in analyzing the future policies of the industry which will help to launch the strategic initiation that would help the country a lot in the industry sector.
The objectives of the proposed Annual State of the IT and ITES Industry are listed in the report including that the study designed is based purely on the evidences rather than the decisions been decided on gut-feeling and to be more focused areas are the strength and growth of the industry in its respective range.

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