Sunday, February 12, 2012

PTA will organize overseas events to attract Telecom Giants

PTA advertised about the auction of 3G licenses in newspapers and TV channels about 2 weeks ago, but except Ufone and Mobilink, there was no other notable company which showed interest. To tempt more telecom companies to participate in this bid, PTA finally has decided to organize the international events in different countries to attract the foreign companies.
There is still no news about the list of countries, in which PTA is interested to organize the events, but there are bright chances of Singapore and Dubai because these two are the main hubs of business in world and the location of these countries also gives an idea that PTA will surely get more participants from there. PTA has already got full support of government and money for this project.
An event is also expected to organize on the occasion of Mobile World Congress to get the maximum attention in short span of time as all the telecom related companies and interested people always keep an eye on all the announcements and releases in MWC each year. PTA actually wants 10-12 international participants in this auction other than the local ones.
It will indeed a challenge and a new experience for Pakistani telecom authorities to work, negotiate and convince the telecom giants from all over the globe because this is something going to happen for the very first time in the telecom sector of Pakistan.
To make this plan work, PTA has sent the informational memorandum to all the telecom giants all over the world and asked to provide information related to their policies of economy, country and business to know the maximum about the participants.
This auction which is scheduled on March 29 is expected to boost the economy and telecom sector in Pakistan and indeed a lot of other issues will get fixed with the boost in economy. We wish all the best to telecom authorities of Pakistan.

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