Friday, February 10, 2012

Spice up your conversations with Jazz Background Music

Now you can spice up your conversations and add background music of your choice to suit the mood of the conversation with Jazz Background Music. Mobilink Jazz’s hot new offer allows you to add serene music andsound effects of your own accord as background music of your call.
With Jazz Apna Background Music Service you can select different music backgrounds for different contacts and play special sounds for your near and dear ones.
Mobilnk Jazz Apna Background Call MusicHere are the details to get you started with Jazz Background Music:
Service Activation
  • SMS SUB to 5200
Service Deactivation
  • SMS “UNSUB” to 5200
Manage your Jazz Apna Background Music account
  • By dialing 5200, you can manage your Jazz Apna Background Music account by adding, deleting or changing the songs.
Make a call with Background Music
  • In order to initiate a Jazz Apna Background Music call please dial 22 followed by the required number E.g. 2203XX1234567
Service Charges
  • Weekly subscription(SMS Shortcode 5200): Rs. 3.75 + Tax
  • Rs. 2 + tax per minute for IVR short code(5200)
  • All peer-to-peer calls dialed with the prefix 22 will be charged for Rs. 2 + Tax per minute
  • Rs. 3.99+tax per SMS

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