Saturday, February 18, 2012

ZTE and Huawie to increase share in smartphone market

Two major business tycoons of telecom sector, ZTE and Huawei have decided to strengthen their business by improving the market share in smartphone market, for this, their main strategy will be lowering the prices of their handsets.
Both the companies recently realized that a big chunk of business share can be gained in the cell phone and smartphone market which is currently crowded by Samsung, Apple and HTC.
Huawie is already in the cell phone business. Last year it shipped 20 million smartphones globally, which is five times higher than the earlier figure and earned $6.8 billion from the consumer business.
ZTE and Huawie to increase share in smartphone marketMoreover, Huawei is also planning to launch its first very own device in U.K. From all these facts, it seems that Huawei is very passionate to achieve its goal of getting good shares in smartphones market.
On the other hand, ZTE also has set the goal of 80 million cellphones sales in 2012. It is already in business as its Blade smartphone is already the second best selling WCDMA phone in China. Company is expecting double sale than previous year after getting the market shares in Europe, North America, Brazil and Japan.
It is indeed a fact that some very major tycoons are already in smartphones market like Apple, but the growing popularity graph of  Google devices will  help its partners a lot to strengthen roots in market.

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