Saturday, March 31, 2012

Egyptian government to control internet

Following a massive social unrest and protests that ousted Hosni Mubarik from the power,  the military government is planning to block the access of adult online content in the name of “banning the pornography”, a local newspaper reported.
The existing minister of Telecommunication and IT is setting up a committee to discuss various measures of blocking the unwanted material on internet.
Analysts believe this may turn out to be a move of controlling the voices on social media particularly facebook and twitter which caused the 2011 uprising and fall of decades long hold of then president Hosni Mubarik. It is to be recalled that despite of all the unity on social media, military courts were able to try some 12000 civilians believed to be bloggers or somehow connected to the social media.
A similar ban has already been imposed in UAE and Saudi Arabia, whereas in Pakistan thousands of URLs have already been blocked by government. Authority (PTA) is also considering of installing a system that would automatically block any web content that government would consider “unlawful”.

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