Sunday, March 18, 2012

PTCL Smart TV experience 30% increase in subscriber base

PTCL Smart TV subscribers increasePTCL has experienced a 30% increase in the subscriber base of its IPTVservice also known as Smart TV.
PTCL has termed its strategy of adding rich and quality content as the cause of this growth. Just recently, it added famous drama shows Fifty Fifty, Aangan Teraah, Aahat and Dhoop Kinary into its archive along with famous bollywood movies and popular children content.
According to global statistics 9% of the broadband users across the world get subscribed to the IPTV service eventually and PTCL’s management say that it desires to repeat the same trend in Pakistan.
This is the second time in a week that PTCL is releasing statistics to show its growing popularity. Earlier, company made public that its high speed wireless broadband, EVO Rev A is available to 90% of the population in Pakistan as it is now available in 180 cities and towns that includes EVO, EVO Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Cloud, EVO Tab and EVO Droid. As far as its Nitro Rev B network is concerned, PTCL has expanded the network into 70 cities providing 9.3Mbps of speed.

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