Saturday, March 31, 2012

Taliban Online: A question answer service by Jihaadis

Remember those days when Taliban called the television illegal because they showed un-Islamic programs as then, it was considered to be against Islam.
Today i just went through this news item that says Taliban has started a question and answer service on their official website – Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – where a spokesperson from them will be answering the questions raised by anyone.
I visited the site and saw them using all the latest techniques to express their point of view. There are various sections on this site but few of them really astonished me as for Videos they use You Tube and for rest of the social networking they are using Twitter and Facebook. If i am not wrong, they are all Evil things that are deteriorating so called Muslims and Islam.
Not long ago, i saw thousands of beard men on roads asking for a ban on You Tube and Facebook. For them, letting your women work and go out for shopping is ‘haram’. When some Danish newspaper committed the blasphemy, these people boycotted the Western products. And today, they are using thier (Kaafir’s) medium for expressing their opinion?? A strange U Turn!!
Perhaps Talibans have changed their minds…who knows…

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