Sunday, April 15, 2012

Introduce your idea at National Solution Convention 2012 (NASCON)

Introduce your idea at National Solution Convention 2012 (NASCON)
With so much frustration around, it’s a breath of fresh air to see our young scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs making efforts to dissolve our negative image. Where Brilliant Minds Contest!, yes this is the slogan of National Solution Convention 2012 (NASCON) an event that FAST Student Societies hold every year in Islamabad.
This year’s theme is quite encouraging which is based on the usage of technology products and services in Pakistan. No doubt latest form of technology has made our lives easier but it is also a fact that we mostly use foreign developed products for assisting our lives. This is wasting our much needed foreign exchange as well as hindering our young innovators from coming into lime light.
Rao M. Faheem, Event Head, Tech Ideas expresses his view point as, “we have to admit that, now living in Pakistan, as we have always been getting readymade things from some developed countries from the day of its creation, our thinking process has gone a little low as far as technology is concerned
Now it is  chance  for  you  to  think and propose any  innovative  idea (or ideas)  related to Electrical/Computer engineering which you think can be useful and you don’t see that thing around . It could be related to the following;
 Submission Details
After  selection, 10  to 15 best  project  ideas will be displayed on the official NASCON’swebsite and polling will  be done on Facebook  in order to select 1st, 2nd and 3rd best ideas.
Final result will be based on 60% Facebook votes and 40% Judges Decision. Jury team will include people from the Industry and different disciplines of science and technology.
A  person can propose a single or multiple ideas. Multiple ideas have to be sent separately.
Email (link given below) your idea in a single word file with title of the idea and some words explaining it. It could be a single line explanation to multiple lines .It is required to keep the explanation as concise as possible.

No Registration Fee Required   

Email your Idea at : nascon.tech.ideas@gmail.com
Deadline: 15th April 2012
Eligibility: Anyone from any field of life
Team Strength: Maximum 3 people
Get ready folks….it’s around, not much time left

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