Saturday, April 28, 2012

PEMRA warns TV and FM radio channels to remove unethical content

After rising public complaints, PEMRA has warned all the TV channels, FM Radios and Cable TV operators to take into notice public’s sentiments and remove objectionable content from their transmission.
Following is the list of objections that PEMRA has publicized today in the mainstream newspapers;
  • Vulgarity, obscenity and abusive language
  • Depiction of blood, gore and dead bodies
  • Dramatization of crimes or tragedies
  • Undue sensation through breaking news
  • Intrusion to one’s private or family life
  • Excessive foreign /alien content
  • Unethical content on In-House (CD) channels of cable TV
  • Misleading advertisement
The authority has warned that all the broadcasting mediums must follow the rules as any violation will be dealt strictly along with the penalties and suspension or revocation  of licenses.

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