Tuesday, April 24, 2012

wi-tribe brings Pakistan Developer’s Challenge 2012 on wi-tribe Bazaar

wi-tribe brings Pakistan Developer's Challenge 2012 on wi-tribe Bazaar
With the introduction of international players in the broadband industry in Pakistan several innovative measure has been witnessed during last couple of years. Although, these players are much smaller in size than already established players but their steps have revolutionized the whole industry.
Recently wi-tribe launched the online buying and selling portal – ‘wi-tribe Bazaar‘ and now it has introduced this excellent facility in shape of a contest – Pakistan Developers’ Challenge 2012 (PDC 2012); letting young and brilliant application developers of Pakistan to create innovative and local software of various categories, sell on wi-tribe Bazaar and earn some good money.
The software seller can put a price tag on its application ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1,000 or it can be offered FREE. A vast range of applications can be placed under different categories including Anti-virus, Business, Communication, Games, Graphics,Internet, Mobile Applications, PC Widgets and System Utilities. One needs to get registered online before uploading an application for sale.
Payment process is really simple, the buyers needs to pay through a wi-tribe scratch card instead of controversial credit card payment process.
Apart from wi-tribe, the entire activity is being powered by HEC, Intel, P@SHA, Microsoftand Dell.
Talking about PDC2012, Mustafa Peracha, CEO, wi-tribe Pakistan said, “wi-tribe Bazaar is our effort to support and encourage the local IT industry and software developers in particular. For us, Bazaar is a forum for and by Pakistani software developers. At wi-tribe, we are only acting as a catalyst by providing the platform. Feeling strongly about the potential this platform offers towards the growth of the local IT industry, we expect great things to come out of the Pakistan Developers’ Challenge 2012. PDC 2012 seeks to offer a rewarding opportunity to Pakistan’s flourishing developers’ community, ushering in a new era of commercial viability for Pakistan’s technology industry.”

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