Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Android based smart watches to assist smartphones

Android based smart watches to assist smartphones Sony SmartWatch Wrist Watch
Source: Sony
Although, smartphones have somehow made us live without our old wrists watches but they are still not old fashioned. Soon they are going to replace your smartphone, not for everything a phone does but at least for few hours when you don’t want to carry your phone at home, in  a business meeting at office or during a presentation.
Companies like Motorola, Sony and WIMM One have introduced smart watches that are Android enabled and can do some very important tasks that a smartphone can do.
Available for 150 US dollars, Sony SmartWatch is equipped with Android 2.1 and is capable of connecting with nearby Sony Xperia via bluetooth with in a range of 50 feet. On its OLED touch screen it cannot see show you time but also you can check latest tweets,facebook updates, control music player on your smartphone and handle your calls and message on your smartphone.
The SmartWatch is chargeable and can last for one week on a single charge. You can download number of application from Google Play for different tasks. You can even type short text messages without touching your smartphone. In India it is going to be launched for Indian Rupee 6,200. Sony says, SmartWatch can work with other android smartphones. You can find a complete review of SmartWatch here.
Motorola is calling its MotoActv a fitness tracker as it also monitors heart rate apart from doing other functions. Motorola has also added some golf functions for sports enthusiasts.
Android based smart watches to assist smartphonesWIMM One – a US based company has put few extra features. Their smart watch can work with bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi. It offers couple of more functions than Sony’s SmartWatch and Motorola’s MotoActv.
By the end of this year, more watches are to come from different manufacturers. Certainly they cannot replace a smartphone due to number of limitations but they can really give our phones a little rest.

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