Thursday, June 28, 2012

Angry Imran game reaches Android App Store

Angry Imran game reaches Android App Store
Imran Khan’s Tsunami finds its place on Android Application Store. ‘Angry Imran‘ is the name of new game that has just been developed for the Android mobile phone users by Brain Freeze -  an application development entity.
The game ‘Angry Imran’ is said to be inspired by the popularity of ‘Angry Bird’ but it appears it is inspired by both Angry Bird and the rising popularity of Imran Khan and its Tsunami with each passing day.
Today, Imran Khan is the most popular political figure of Pakistan among youth who mostly belong to urban areas. As Android mobile phones and tablets are getting become more and more popular among youth as well, Brain Freeze found this opportunity to develop this game which has the tendency to become a complete hit in Pakistan and abroad as well both in terms of download and revenue wise.
At the moment, Version 1.0 (beta) has been released which is compatible with all the Android devices . Brain Freeze has mentioned  on the store that company has no political affiliation of any type.

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