Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nokia 110 and 112 launched with Dual SIM and Internet Support

Nokia 311 Nokia 302 Global Launch Internet Phone Nokia officials
Nokia team launching the mobile phones
After much hype, speculations and curiosity, today we witnessed another Dual SIM mobile phones series from Nokia – Nokia 110 and Nokia 112. Earlier, it was rumored that305 and 311 were the models that were going to be launched from Pakistan.
Apart from all the glamorous performances by teams of models, the launch was different this time in a sense that unlike past, Nokia introduced these mobile phone globally from Pakistan. The first lot of these feature rich cheap phones is expected to hit the mobile market in a weeks time.
Nokia 110 and 112 belong to lower end mobile phones bracket with a price range of 3,500 to 4,000. The uniqueness of the mobile phones is that both the models support internet and all the latest social media applications including facebook and twitter. Other than this, these phones offer the following;
  • Support internet, fast browsing and fast compression of data while giving up to 90% less data compression
  • Nokia 110 has 40 games of worth 75 Eur already built-in
  • Video capture and playback
  • Imaging optimization for sharing
  • Music Player and FM Radio
  • Easily Swap Dual SIM
Whereas the big brother Nokia 112 is a little high in specs.
While feeling the heat from Chinese mobile phones including QMobile, MegaGate and rest of the lower end phones that are available at much cheaper rates in Pakistani mobile market, Nokia has decided to respond in the same manner with some quality products equipped with all the latest features that customer want s today.
While giving the presentation at the launch event, Imran Khalid Mehmood, Vice President, Near East Nokia Corporation said that it is the matter of pride for Pakistan that  handsets (mobile phone) are being launched from this country on a global level.
“Nokia wants to connect next billion through the younger population of Pakistan. Last year, Nokia sold some 339,800,000 devices worldwide that makes the 931,000 phones per day  and 11 mobile phones per second,” he added.
There are still 3.2 billion people on earth who don’t have a mobile phone. Some 1.6 mn are data connectable and neary 1.2Obn are connected with data, 1.6 have data connectable devices and some 1.2 bn have no data options
Focusing on the Symbian and its future he further said that “there are 675 mn S40 Nokia phones sold worldwide so far and Nokia store is driving 13 mn download per day.  More than 30% Nokia Store download requests come from S40 series”
Nokia wants to connect next billion from Pakistan and for which it will keep investing in the data enabled mobile phones at lower and middle end price range.
Few of the performances are seen below;
Nokia Dual SIM, Nokia Cheap mobile phone, Next Billion Nokia Phone
Nokia Dual SIM, Nokia Cheap mobile phone, Next Billion Nokia Phone
Nokia Dual SIM, Nokia Cheap mobile phone, Next Billion Nokia Phone
Event Video

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