Monday, June 25, 2012

Nokia Pakistan needs people for Nokia Life project

Nokia appears to be maintaining its market share in the emerging markets using every possible tool apart from selling mobile phones.
Currently, it is extending its Nokia Life project in Pakistan and looking for Business Development professionals who can join the company in Karachi.
It recently posted the job offer on couple of social networking sites. following is the content we received from one such site;
“Nokia makes adventure possible everywhere, every day. We have exciting opportunities with Nokia Life (NL) @ Karachi – Pakistan; Cairo – Egypt & Nairobi – Kenya. NL offers a range of Livelihood and Life Improvement services targeted at the entry audience.
We are looking for Business Development professionals for all three locations.
Role – Business Development Manager:
Years of experience – 10 yrs and above
1. To plan, deploy & manage Nokia Life (NL) service line at the country level, with a focus on bringing the product to market on time and ensuring smooth operations going forward
2. To be the senior on-the-ground resource and ensure all local activities are on on-track and at the highest quality of performance for the business, consumer and partners
3. To be the primary point of contact and negotiate with content providers (CPs), service providers (SPs) and assist with operator negotiations.
Interested local candidates, please share your resumes with me - linda.ravindran@nokia.com“
In early 2009, Nokia started a pilot project in the Indian state of Maharashtra under the banner ‘Mera Nokia’  with a concept of making people used to of Nokia mobile phone bundling it with much needed SMS based information on Education, Health, Agriculture and Entertainment.
Later the project was named as Nokia Life Tool and besides India the service was launched in other emerging markets including China, Indonesia and Nigeria where it is serving some 15 million people.
In February 2012, Nokia shortened its name to ‘Nokia Life’ while including Pakistan, Egypt and Kenya in the roadmap.

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