Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nokia to bring water proof smartphones

Nokia to bring water proof smartphonesAs Nokia Pureview is ready to be launched in Pakistan. There are news that future mobile phones from Nokia, including Pureview and Lumia series will be waterproof. Nokia is working on implementing Superhydrophobic technology that repel water from the surface.
Making smartphones waterproof will not only be helpful for the mobile phones users for using their expensive gadgets during rain and other wet conditions but also enhance their mobilephone’s life.
Recently an official of Nokia gave presentation on this topic. It is not clear when it would introduce such phones in the market. But surely, it will be a great leap forward.
On May 15, Nokia launched 110 and 112 Dual SIM mobilephones, an official of the company told that Nokia was all set to launch Pureview in Pakistan and for which all the arrangements had been done. Somehow, management changed plans and introduced lower end phones a head delaying Pureview’s launch in the local market.

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