Thursday, June 28, 2012

Warid revamps its corporate website

Warid revamps its corporate website
Warid Telecom has revamped its corporate website which apparently gives a clean look on a white background. On the home page, one can find most of the information in fewer clicks. Warid launched this new website on the occasion of its 7th anniversary.
Warid says, it had to change the design of its website keeping in view the latest trends in the digital world and customer’s feedback. Company says, this new website is developed in HTML5.
Although, the new look gives a decent impression but we noticed following few things which Warid can take in account for making the new site more efficient.
  • TV Commercial section is a good addition and works great.
  • The website was a little slow to load. May be it was our internet speed at that time or perhaps the home page has too many images.
  • Warid needs to set a rule as to what offer it should keep displaying in the “Whats New” section because most of the offers are months old in this section.
  • Media & Press release section appears on too many pages/categories, even on the places where it not required.
  • Is it only me or the Font is actually smaller in size. The font may be increased to give a better reading experience.
  • Rolling of text in the “Notice” section on the Home Page needs further treatment for making more smooth to read.
Warid revamps its corporate website
Warid website's loading time

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