Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wateen gets Pakistan Advertisers Society Award

Wateen telecom has earned another award from Pakistan Advertisers Society for the best advertisement in the ‘Computer and Internet Category’.
The award was scored on the basis of following grading where Wateen left behind its competitors, Witribe and Qubee;
  • Strategic Challenge + Objective: 30%
  • The Big Idea: 30%
  • Bringing the Idea to Life: 30%
  • Results: 10%
The award was meant to further enhance the creativity in advertisements and appreciate those who are maintaining higher standards in their campaign. Since the induction of new management, Wateen has overhauled all the processes from network efficiency to customer services. During last one year, it relocated almost 200 sites for the sack of balanced signaling and good customer experience.
Wateen’s new management has already changed its tag line from “We Connect” to “Jo Chaho”

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