Monday, July 9, 2012

Completely Transform Windows 7 into Windows 8 Release Preview

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Recently Microsoft has officially launched Windows 8 Release Preview, If you don't want to use the beta version of Windows 8 at this moment but love the new look and feel of Windows 8, then you can easily get all that in your Windows 7 PC.
In past, after the launch of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, we had shared a transformation pack totransform Windows 7 into Windows 8 Consumer Preview, now after the launch of Release Preview, we are back with the transformation pack for it also.
Windows 8 Release Preview comes with many new stuffs, such as redesigned Windows Explorer, title bar buttons, back and forward buttons, new cursor and much more...
This Windows 8 Release Preview theme has been created by mare-m @ DA. Thanks to him to transform Windows 7 into Windows 8 Release Preview.
This theme consists of Windows 8 Cursor and Wallpapers to completely transform your Windows 7 into Windows 8. You don't need to install or apply them manually, this theme will automatically install and apply them.

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