Friday, July 6, 2012

Vimplecom customers can buy Google Play apps without Credit Card and Paypal

Vimplecom – parent company of Mobilink and several other cellular companies worldwide – has signed an agreement with Google for providing easy access of Google Play paid content to its customers without the need of credit card and paypal.
Vimplecom customers can buy Google Play apps without Credit Card and PaypalNow Vimplecom customers across the world can buy any paid application of their choice and pay via their prepaid card. For post paid customers, the amount of applications will be added into their monthly bill.
Google Play app store is accessible through Android Smart Phones which holds more than 600,000 applications of various kinds including apps, games, Google Books, Google Music and Google Movies. This digital content will be available through Vimplecom channel.
At the moment the facility is only for Vimplecom Russia customers but soon the facility will be offered to other customers of Vimplecom across the world including 30 million customers of Mobilink Pakistan.
When this facility is rolled out in Pakistan, it would be first ever mechanism in the country offering such way of payment through prepaid card and post pay bills.
Earlier, we had come to know from Nokia Pakistan that it was close to introduce such a feature in its mobile phones with a partnership with local cellular operators in Pakistan.
Only time will if Nokia takes the lead or Mobilink (Vimplecom).

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