Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Open Ms-Excel 2007 Files in Ms-Excel 2003

How to Open Ms-Excel 2007 Files in Ms-Excel 2003
With the release of Microsoft office 2007 Microsoft changed the extensions for its MS-word,Powerpoint and Excel.Files saved with default extensions (docx,xlsx,pptx) with Microsoft office 2007 can’t be opened in office 2003.If you don’t have the finances to upgrade office 2003 then there are some free alternative solutions to open these files.
There are four different methods using which you can open docx file without Microsoft office 2007.If you have a xlsx file you can use the following methods to open it.

Use Microsoft Compatibility Pack

After getting the negative response from the users Microsoft has released a compatibility pack that allows Microsoft Office 2007 files to be opened in Office 2003 and using this pack you can also change, edit, save 2007 Excel files in 2003 format. Click here to get this compatible pack.This compatibility pack can also be used to open Ms-Word 2007 files in Ms-Word 2003.

Download Excel Viewer

If you don’t have any version of Ms-Office installed in your computer then you can download and install Excel Viewer from the Microsoft official website using which you can open, view and print Excel workbook.You can’t edit xlxs files in Excel viewer.

Download Open office

If you have to edit xlxs files but don’t have MS-Office then you can download and installOpen Office. Open Office is a free and open Source program from Sun Microsystems.It can also be used for making presentationsword processing,spreadsheetsgraphicsdatabase and many more.

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