Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Make Your Computer Faster (General Tips)

5 Ways to Make Your Computer Faster (General Tips)
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There are times when your computer could perform slower than normal, while there are times you could just get frustrated and pissed off. Slow computer performance can also alter your productivity output and leave you performing lesser than you would on a normal day.
Your computer isn’t running at the same speed it was when you got it new because a lot of changes have happened between that space of time and now. The more applications, files and folders and even the new documents you create everyday have their impact in making your computer running slow. Following are some ways to quickly recover the normal speed of your computer.

Remove Spyware and Protect your Computer against Viruses

The first thing you should diagnose your slow computer for is virus infection. Viruses can come into your computer so far there is a contact between your computer and other computers – this can also be through the internet.
To battle virus infection, you must have a reliable antivirus program installed on your computer. This antivirus program must be kept up to date, regularly. The most important thing in having an antivirus program is keeping it updated regularly. With my computer which I use for my blog that talks about discounts for weight watchers and bistro md coupon, I have made it a point of duty to see that my antivirus program is of the latest version and I don’t miss an update.

Make access to data easy for your computer

When accessing data on your computer’s hard disk becomes difficult for your system it will result in your computer performing slow. The data on your computer’s hard drive may become cluttered and result in causing your computer to become slow in performance.
In essence, your data are getting cluttered because your hard disk is fragmenting them. To make accessing data on your computer’s hard drive easy for your computer you’ll have to run disk defragmenter on your system regularly. If you use your computer every day, you should defragment your hard disk once every week.

Free up disk space

Another thing you should do to make your computer perform faster is to free up disk space. Over time, you must have saved a lot of files on your hard drive and if you do not remove the ones that are no-longer useful to you, your system will continue to perform slowly.
Start sorting out the important files on your computer from the files you no longer need. Keep you important documents in specified folders to save them from mixing up with old and unused files so that you can easily remove the ones you no longer need from your computer.

Clear up Temporary Internet Files

Temporary internet files are, perhaps, the major elements that contribute to your computer being slow in performance. Clear the temporary internet files your web browsers must have saved on your computer’s hard disk to save more disk space.
You can also limit the amount of your hard disk space your cache will be using to a very minimal amount. This will eradicate every possibility of your temporary internet files taking up too much of your hard disk space. As you can see in the image below, I limit the amount of space my internet cache will be using to 1024MB or 1gb which is still far from the 175MB my cache has used

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