Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top 10 Foods and Drinks That Make You FAT

"Health is wealth" is an old saying but its 101% true. Today, we are not even 10% percent conscious about our health that is why deceases are increasing day by day. Being "FAT" is one of the most dangerous and most common state of body that cause uncountable other diseases. Here is list of 10 foods that make you FAT. Replace these foods with fruits, vegetables, cereal biscuits whole, yogurt etc.

1. Minced meat and fat

Minced meat product, such cârnăciorilor, small or hamburgers, usually contain more fat. "Their grilled preparation is an advantage, since it destroys a large part of fat, but of course that remains mostly. In addition, contain starch, many additives and preservatives, "explains Stefan Ionut, consultant nutrition at the office "MC ²" in Bucharest. Opt instead for fish, barbecue chicken, turkey, file beef or steak or muscle up for pork, eaten salad or grilled vegetables, no potatoes or bread more, advises nutritionist.

2. Fast food meals

Fast-food dishes are specially designed to focus a small volume a large number of calories. "So that contain nutrients more difficult to digest "adds nutritionist. In addition, these foods are deficient in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, overburden, stomach, liver and pancreas and contain few fibers. Some, such as hot-Dog have high conţiunt sodium, which promotes water retention and may increase blood pressure.

3. Fried chicken

Even if they are effective to feed more people, large portions of Fried chicken can affect not only the weight and heart health. Alternative healthy is grilled chicken. For a taste good natural Spicery add separate (non commercial mixes) any type of pepper, salt (preferably sea) or thyme.

4. Salads with fat dressings

A potato salad with mayonnaise and medium size has 180 calories and 12 grams of fat and one with cabbage and mayo - 150 calories range of fat and 8. Increase calories if you add pasta, croutons or FOCAC. Salads are recommended without high fat sauces with dressings of olive oil, balsamic vinegar or lemon juice. You can choose to also for yogurt or, at most, 12% fat cream.

5. Salad with roasted meat or bacon

Mixed salad with a little meat can be an ideal dinner, so long as light refreshments. Dressings high in calories, fried chicken wings or bacon fat are not recommended. Instead, add grilled chicken, fish, egg or cheese less fat. Salad with tuna or salmon, Greek (with cheese and olives) type Caesar (with chicken), Bulgarian (egg, cheese, olives, ham turkey) are some of the experts' advice.

6. Cocktails

Consumed by the pool or the terrace, cocktails, alcoholic beverages fruits also make a lot of calories. A Pina Colada can be from 245 to 490 calories, while a Long Island has at least 520. A healthier alternative is simple wine or mixed with plain water or sparkling juice and maybe a few drops of 100% natural.

7. Juice drinks

Industrial products teas, juices sweet energisers or beer have around 150 calories each. Milkshake's and cold coffee far exceed. To quench thirst, water experts recommends that you choose payment or mineral, tea or juices. Variants "light" of certain beverages should be avoided, says Stefan Ionut.

8. Ice Cream

In order not to accumulate about 400 calories each time eat ice cream, toppings is essential to discard a high-fat desserts look cool with less than 150 calories, such as frozen yogurt and natural toppings fruit.

9. Pastries

Pies or tarts with apples, cherries or apricots, they also contain high caloric, but without exceeding that of confectionery cream and chocolate. All can be replaced with fruit salads, compotes and juices.

10. Snacks and chips

100 grams of chips with salt have around 530 calories and 35 grams of fat. Snacks such as nachos also have 500 calories and 23 grams fat, while a box of popcorn has 550 calories.Replace these snacks with fruits, vegetables, cereal biscuits whole or yogurt.

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