Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top 10 Ways to Stop Food Addiction or Overeating

Do you always have a craving for food? Has it happened with you that you simply cannot resist yourself after seeing a packet of chips or an ice cream container in your kitchen? Do you like eating and you can eat all the time. If your answer to all the questions is affirmative then there is a probability that you are turning into a food addict. There is a fine line between and over-eater and a food addict. People who overeat just eat too much while for the persons who are addicts food becomes their priority. They can eat all the time and eating also starts replacing all their other needs. Food helps them relieve pressure, anger and a number of other feelings. Food addiction can make you lazy and a couch potato. You can easily leave the habit behind. You just need to realize it and accept the fact. Denial can lead to frustration that adds to your habit. Here are ten tips that can help you get off the food addiction train.

10. Mark the triggers

Once you know that you are a food addict, you need to mark out the food items you crave the most for. Some of us like to eat sweet things while some prefer salty. But whatever it is, it will definitely be rich in carbohydrates. One does not crave for fruits or fresh vegetables. As you successfully jot down the list, stay away from such items as much as you can.

9. Vulnerable times

After marking the items that make you eat more than required, you also need to identify the times when you have the urge to eat the most. Some of us like to make our lunches lavish while some like to much during late nights watching television.

8. Identify the reason

Relax for a moment and then ask yourself why you feel the need to eat so much. Do you feel lonely or depressed or you eat just out of boredom. Realize the emotions because once you identify the reason, the battle is half won.

7. Avoid even diet foods

If you are trying to overcome your problem then diet cokes or low-cal food is not a solution. The problem we are facing is eating itself and not unhealthy eating.

6. Perfection

Do not always strive for perfection. no one can adhere to their diet charts strictly no matter what. So instead treat yourself with a small piece of chocolate or something that makes you happy after some time.

5. Assertion

Once you have decided to solve your problem do not let anything come into your way. If your friends are going out for eating, be confident and tell them how you are feel and what you are facing.

4. Move on

If you have eaten too much on one day, there is no need to starve yourself on the next. Whatever done, cannot be undone. Instead take that as a lesson and move on.

3. Healthy snacks

If you know you might feel hungry later, you can carry some healthy snacks including fresh vegetables and fruits along with you.

2. Do not feel guilty

If you fail on one point or the other in following you diet chart, there is no need to feel guilty about it. Instead it can make the situation worse and you can eat all the more to combat the emotions.

1. Keep eating

You may be confused but food addicts either over eat or do not eat all. This does not help. You should try and take a balanced diet each day. Include only healthy items in your diet plan.

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