Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top 10 Most Practiced Dance Styles Across the World

Dance is one of the favorite art forms that is loved by all. Dance is an exercise that soothes your mind and soul. People tap their feet on different music for a number of reasons. Some dance because it’s their profession, while some dance as it is their hobby while some dance just to keep them fit. There are different kinds of dance styles for every occasion and festival that is practiced all across the world. In fact the same dance style can vary depending upon the geographical and cultural surroundings. Below are the ten most popular dance forms from all over the world.

10- Salsa

The dance marks its origin in Cuba. The dance form involves a male and female partner and basically pictures the chemistry between them. It is a visual treat for the onlookers. Some also call it the dance of passion. One needs to be extremely flexible as the form requires a lot of hip and body movement. The dance utilizes every three out of four beats and pauses for the last one and then again the next three.

9- Ballet

The dance originated in Italy. Then, during the reign of King Louis XIV, the dance spread to France where it flourished immensely. The dance formed is loved by all and many countries have ballet academies where the form is taught professionally.

8- Hip hop

It is one of the popular dance forms in today’s time. The youth is going bonkers about it. The dance saw its advent during the early 1970’s when the world was going through cultural transformation. However, the dance form is getting more popular in groups. Various competitions are held in different countries to recognize the talent.

7- Bhangra

Whenever you hear the word bhangra the first image that comes into your mind is Punjab and drums beat. The dance was originated in India in the state called Punjab. It is performed at their harvest season. It is very simple to pick and one can learn it in a matter of few minutes.

6- Jazz

Jazz has been popular now for years. Jazz involves majorly a lot of footwork and perfect control over it. One needs a lot of energy and flexibility to perform the style with perfection. The dance needs a lot of practice before it can be performed with the correct technique.

5- Tap Dancing

The dance became popular generally in the 1900s. It is an amalgamation of a number of different styles but is known for the sounds it creates that too all with your footwork. The dance involves African, English and Irish steps. The style was used in a number of movies and broadways shows.

4- Belly Dancing

Belly dance is considered more of a fitness dance that is practiced to keep your body in good shape. The best thing is one does not need any kind of particular music to perform the steps. It is a lot of fun to learn the dance and once you do it can create a lot of oomph.

3- Freestyle

The dance is just like its name, free. There are no rules or limitations that apply to the style. One just need to match their steps to the beats and then sky is the limit. The only thing is that the dance contains a lot of energetic and rigorous dance movements.

2- Ballroom Dancing

It is more of a social dance form that is performed by couples on social outings. It became instantly popular due to its simplicity. One just need to move along with their loved ones feeling the music.

1- Break Dance

The dance style became popular in 1970’s that became popular to calm your mind that reduced violence. The dance requires a lot of understanding of the beats and can be made perfect only with practice. The dance reached sky high popularity when Michael Jackson started performing it.

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