Thursday, December 29, 2011

Buy HTC Explorer from Mobilink and get free internet

Mobilink introduces HTC explorerHTC Explorer has been included in the handset range of Mobilink. It is Android 2.3 OS based smart phone which is very simple to use. Besides, it puts everything on your palm in a weight of only 108g, so your life will be much easier after buying HTC Explorer.
In its specifications, the handset has a touch intuitive interface through which you can jump from your emails to messages to contacts with just simple screen touching. It runs all Android based apps on its 3.2 inch display with the help of 600MHz processor. You can also download the apps from android market in order to use them on this handset. Especially, web surfing is effortless in the use of HTC Explorer. It is so because its browser predicts suggestions as you type the internet addresses, so your internet experience almost gets comparable to a PC or a laptop.
Mobilink has offered this handset at Rs 15,999 to the Mobilink Indigo customers. Besides handset customers will also get unlimited Mobile Internet for three months.

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