Thursday, December 29, 2011

IBM to change lives through Five in Five project

Have you ever thought that how humans will be living after five years from now. If not then l want to tell you details of IBM’s just revealed five innovations that are capable to change the modern life style of human beings. IBM says that its scientists are working on the “IBM Five in Five” project to turn fiction objects into a reality.  The given five different objectives to be achieved in this project are to power a home using human power, mind reading, eliminating digital differences, turning junk mail into priority mail and enhancing the security to such an extent that the use of password becomes history.
These objectives have been driven from the societal trends, implementation of emerging technologies and market studies. The aim behind setting these objectives is to eliminate the gap between fiction and reality and therefore to improve the life standards of human beings. In general perspective, the IBM Five In Five project is an attempt to enhance the use of modern technologies. Here is a little info the five goals of IBM.
1: Power a home by creating energy yourself
All moving objects have energy that can be utilized for powering the home. Scientists at IBM are working to discover ways to build technology which can convert the energy that we leave in jogging, walking, and bicycling. Besides, the heat from computer and even the flow of water in pipes has energy which can be utilized to power up houses. Besides, the ocean waves also possess very much energy, so the IBM scientists in Ireland are working on this project to produce electricity from all these sources of energy.
2: Removal of password in security features
Passwords, if stolen, can cause much harm. So the IBM is working on to build a system which will be able to recognize a person just by looking at him. Biological signals like color of retina and patterns of hot and cold spots are unique of every human. Though technologies to recognize human beings from these signs are already in market but they are bigger in size. IBM wants to make those technologies compact enough to be stored into a cellular device.
3: Mind reading
The brain of every human being works on electric signals. Though the fiction movies like X-Men displayed that these signals can be captured and then translated to understand the thoughts in human brain, but practically it is still a challenge to build such technology. So, IBM Scientists are attempting to build technologies that can read the brain and work accordingly. Let me tell you that bioinformatics has already used advanced sensors in a headset that can read the electrical activity in brain, but it is start and the technology is limited to a few functions like reading facial expressions, concentration, excitement and thoughts of a person and then physically taking actions without the physical activity of a person. Within next five years, this technology will be developed to new heights and will be used in entertainment, gaming and treatment of brain diseases.
4: Eliminating digital divide
If we take a flash back and look at people’s thoughts 10-15 years back, people took PC like a blessing to a man, but now it has become an everyday good. In same way, expectations are that the 80% of the 7 billion world population will be using the mobile devices after 5 years from now. It will give rise to the use of mobile technology to do business and to study. Besides the implementation of mobile technology in health sector will provide access to better health facilities to the most population of world.
5: To turn junk mail into priority mail
These days we receive lots and lots of junk mail, which is better to be called advertisement spam because most of them do not match with our pocket, standard or schedule. But in future, such spam filters are to be built in IBM’s Five In Five project that would put our schedule, pocket and societal standard in front while filtering the email. So after five years from now the people will get offers according to their schedules. For example, if you are free on Saturday, you will receive the most relevant offers for that day. How will this be possible? Well, IBM is developing technology to integrate the data which will help machines to understand our routine and therefore put the best offers in front.

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