Saturday, January 7, 2012

OMG! They are Selling Approved Google Adsense Accounts for Rs.50 Only

Google Adsense is widely used by large number of publishers to generate revenue from their contents. One of the best thing about Google's this money making system is, you can apply for it for free and you can create an account from anywhere in the world. Another awesome thing about Google AdSense account is, you not even require a professionally designed website to get an approved AdSense account. Unfortunately, People in Pakistan are using this golden sparrow for wrong purposes.

History of Buying Selling Google AdSense account in Pakistan
Google AdSense was launched in 2004 however it got popularity in Pakistan in between 2007 to 2008. People found Google's this system very helpful to make extra money in their spare hours however due to large number of missuses of Google Adsense account in Pakistan, Google started disabling publisher's account. As publisher's had become addicted to AdSense money, they started submitting so many AdSense applications to have duplicate AdSense accounts as backup. After realizing the application load, Google made approval system little tough and started rejected most of the applications from Pakistan. Now, people who had number of Google AdSense PIN Verified accounts, started selling it after editing payee name (Yes! Google had given an option to edit payee name for Pakistani accounts also, now they have taken that option back). More people engaged into this business and started creating mass Google AdSense account for the purpose of selling to others.

Buying Selling Google AdSense account Today
Today,AdSense is also used by hundreds and thousands of people in Pakistan legally however now people have started using Google AdSense illegally (i.e. violating terms of service of AdSense) by either selling Google AdSense account for low prices or selling tricks how they create Google AdSense account successfully within few hours. Because of this Mass misuse of Google AdSense in Pakistan, Google has made difficult to get an AdSense account from Pakistan.   This is really an alarming situation because this can lead to permanent BAN of AdSense in Pakistan.

Some one posted a comment on some of my AdSense post and posted a link where he was offering Google AdSense accounts for cheap price. I searched the query and find that there are large number of people who are selling Google AdSense accounts for few rupees. Have a look at some offers i seen in a classified site.

Another funny thing is, these people are using Google to promote their this activity. They are using Google Adwords to sell their services. Have a look at their Ads enjoying number#1 position for AdSense related top keywords.

They create accounts using their nasty tricks and sell it to others. These are Approved Accounts for sure however such accounts have highly ratio of getting ban from AdSense. Never buy accounts from such people as Google freely offers everyone to create an Adsense account legally, Go toGoogle.com/adsense and apply for Your Own Legal AdSense account.

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