Saturday, January 7, 2012

Trick to Create an Adsense Account Successfully within Few Hours

Google AdSense is widely used platform to generate revenue from blogs or by publishing contents online. Unfortunaley, there are large number of people who are misusing Google AdSense. One of the popular misuse is having more than 1 Google Account and another is selling Google AdSense accounts. Google has a team of smart people, trust me, they will disable your account whenever they audited your account manually. Because of such misuses, Google has stricken their policies and people are facing problems while creating new Google adsense account. Earlier we published an article on how to get AdSense quick approve which works like a charm however here is another trick to Get Adsense account within few hours successfully.

AdSense Account within Few Hours
Well, there is not any magic involved in this trick. It only depends on selection of right combination of various factors while applying for a Google Adsense account.
  • Create a Yahoo email address (also called Yahoo! ID) with your name such asjohnsmith3445@yahoo.com
  • Signup for Blogger with same Yahoo! Email ID.
  • Create a Blogger Blog on your name i.e. http://johnsmith.blogspot.com. If Yourname is not available then add some additional number to it but must use your full name i.e. http://johnsmith3445.blogspot.com
  • Post just 3 articles about your self such as Your life in High School, How was your Yesterday, Any movie you watched etc. Write your own words instead of copying from Internet.
  • Now, its time to apply for an AdSense account - Go to Monetize tab from your blogger account and apply for an AdSense account. 
  • You will get the response from Google Adsense team within few hours.

    There is not something illegal or tricky in this method so it does not violates the Google Adsense TOS at all. I wonder what makes Google Adsense team to approve such accounts with highest priority.

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