Sunday, January 8, 2012

Watch Latest Bollywood Hindi Movies in FULL HD on Youtube Box Office

Few months ago, Youtube launched "Movies" section where people were allowed to watch Bollywood Movies online for free. But as they uploaded only old hindi movies there so people did not take much interest. Recently, Youtube launched a new feature and named it "Youtube Box Office". In Youtube Box Office, people can watch latest Indian movies online in Full HD with Youtube. This does not mean you will see All latest movies online in Full HD, Youtube will feature the latest Hindi movie in partnership with a sponsor only, so the the
sponsors Youtube get, the more movies in Full HD you see.

Right now, you can watch Bollywood Latest movie "Band Baja Baarat" in Full HD. This movie is about wedding plans, starring Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh and produced by Yash Raj Movies. So, visit Youtube Box Office to watch this movie and more latest Hindi movies. By default, Youtube will play 480p resolution movie which is not Full HD, to watch Full HD (1080p) movie, Click on the resolution and set it as 1080p.

Open http://www.youtube.com/boxoffice to Watch Latest Bollywood films. You should also read 5 best websites to watch movies online.

As only 1 movie will be featured, so to see more movies, Click on "More Movies" and you will be able to watch any other Hindi Movie in Full HD. When i clicked on "More Movies", i was able to watch "Dil to Bacha Hai Ji" movie. I kept on clicking on Next Video and Youtube shown me more movies to watch online. 

So, Visit http://www.youtube.com/boxoffice today and watch latest Bollywood movies online in Full HD resolution

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