Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blackberry turns down Pakistani request but kneels down before India

Reliance in Motion (RIM) the manufacturer of Blackberry has once again refused Government of Pakistan to provide details of communication that took place between Mansoor Ijaz and former Pakistani Ambassador to US, Hussain Haqqani.
The Judicial Commission had asked the Attorney General of Pakistan to resend the request to RIM in order to obtain the Blackberry data.
Whereas, in another move, RIM found it impossible to avoid Indian Government’s request of giving access to its servers on the security grounds. RIM has installed its server in Mumbai to provide mechanism for lawful interception of its famous messenger service.
RIM has been denying continuously to make an exception to its policy of providing secure communication. Whereas, Indian Government and security agencies has been following RIM to create a mechanism of providing real time access to its most secured and encrypted Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES) owing to terrorist activities particularly after 26/11 incident.
After RIM, Indian Government has also asked Nokia to provide a similar access to its push email service.
Perhaps, Pakistani Government will have to walk on the same path as Indians have done

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