Thursday, February 23, 2012

Download Firefox 11 Beta For Windows, Mac And Linux

Mozilla has released Firefox 11 for all major operating systems including windows, Mac and Linux. It brings some very exciting features which will surely increase its ranking in the next survey of the most used web browser. Some of its robust features are as follow.
Now with this fresh creation of Firefox 11.0 beta 1 you can transfer Chrome bookmarks, history, modernized media controls for HTML5 video, support for the CSS text-size-adjust property, the outer HTML property and above all the largest and most useful addition is the add-on synchronization. This new feature allows you to locate any add-on installations you may have across multiple desktop machines, whereas previously you had to do the whole process manually for each set up.
There is a good news for web developers that they can now work on a webpage in full three dimensional using the “Page Inspector 3D view” and the new-style editor tool with the support of SPDY that aims to improve the performance of websites by modifying HTTP. If the machine being used is compatible with WebGL, then viewing the page in 3D will offer a whole new scene on web page structure and composition.
With all new features and some bug fixes you can download Firefox 11 for Windows, Mac and Linux from these links.
Download Firefox 11 beta [Windows]
Download Firefox 11 beta [Mac]
Download Firefox 11 beta [Linux]

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