Thursday, February 23, 2012

Screenshots of Hacker who Hacked PTI Facebook Pages

A 21 year old hacker has uploaded the screenshots of his image claiming that he hacked more than 30 facebook fan pages of Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaaf. He uploaded the image on one of the fan page of PTI with little information about him to the public.
The message he posted on a PTI Facebook page showed that he belongs to Karachi and called himself “UN DT”. Above all, he took full responsibility of hacking all the pages of PTI and while revealing the reason behind his this act he wrote that PTI did not allow the fans to post any questions on the wall that means fans are not allowed to ask anything from PTI. He further said that he did not belong to any political party.
He posted two screen shots on the page one with the message and other with his blotted image which can be used to trace him. While commenting on the screenshots security experts thinks that this is all scripted just to divert the attention from the political discussions, but furthermore,  the experts said that “UN DT” is a unique and new name for them and hacker might be misguiding people about his age and location.
Whatever it is the hacker gets fame very quickly and he has succeeded to distract the authority’s interests.
Screenshots of Hacker who Hacked PTI Facebook Pages

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